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Decentralized Energy Production

Ensuring the supply of energy is a central topic of current research and development, especially in times of energy transition. A core element is a reliable, self-sufficient system that generates, stores and intelligently distributes energy in various ways. The state of the art is characterised by combined mobile or stationary systems consisting of solar modules with an accumulator, solar systems combined with wind energy systems or similar combinations in conjunction with an emergency power unit which is intended to compensate for the insufficient storage capacity of existing accumulators.

The "Decentralized Energy Production" network joined capacities for developing a self-sufficient energy system and for producing, selling and deploying the system with various power classes depending on the individual technical configuration.  Tailored to the user’s energy demand, the system generates electrical energy by means of a gear-free small wind turbine, solar modules and an emergency power unit. The energy is then stored in a battery. The voltage level as well as the power frequency can be adjusted to the regional requirements. The network «Decentralized Energy Production» did not receive public funding and was financed solely by the participating companies.  Results from the network’s activities have already been implemented in the participating companies or are used in practice.

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