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Force-controlled Processes of Machining

Constantly increasing requirements regarding technological precision lead to more complex but not automatically more innovative solutions in the field of machine tools. The national and international market require high performance parameters at relatively low prices. Through direct measurement of geometric and dynamic variables close to the working point (tool), the compensation of relevant disturbances and force control instead of serial concepts, the highest accuracy, surface quality and dynamics can be achieved with reasonable technical and mechanical effort.

To solve these tasks, several small and medium-sized companies and research partners collaborated to develop intelligent machine tools and tools characterized by force-controlled machining processes in the areas of finishing, precision friction welding and HPC processes. The results have been incorporated in various machine tool developments. The network “Force controlled Processes of Machining” was funded as Network Management East (NEMO) project under the federal Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM).

NEMO-Projekt Kraftgeregelte Bearbeitungsprozesse

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